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Thema: Zu UNO-"Seuchen" mit Lanka-Referat (Engl.)
Rolf M.

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RE: Zu UNO-"Seuchen" mit Lanka-Referat (Engl.) 30.08.2007 15:56 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

[Teil 2/2 an Agenda Leben]

In that important book from 2006 which I mentioned above, "Die
Vogelgrippe...", by Stefan Lanka, Hans-Ulrich Niemitz, Veronika
Widmer and Karl Krafeld, the co-author Stefan Lanka (virologist
and microbiologist) in one chapter brings some important, and
really sensational, points concerning also the history of this.
Everything, as far as I can see, points to his being right in
that which he maintains and which completely overturns some
purportedly "well-established facts" of medical history. In
that chapter is pointed out, among other things:

1) The concept of *"leprosy"*, already mentioned in the
Christian Bible, in reality was a *political* one, by which the
ruling cliques via their clergy arbitrarily defined some people
opposed to them as "having a dangerous contagious disease", so
that they "had to" be isolated from all others, "set out". The
very term for "leprosy" in German for instance was, and still
is, "Aussatz", meaning actually the act of setting some people
out, in isolation, which in practice condemned them to utter
misery and, in most cases, death.

2) The so-called *"Great Plague"* or "Black Death" in Europe
in the 14th century was *not* an "epidemic" either - such, in
reality, are simply not possible - but above all the result of
a large earthquake which shook the main cultural and social
centres in the Mediterranean area, Venice, Avignon (where the
Pope resided) and many other cities in the year 1348 (other
sources point to its date as the 25th of January 134cool , and
caused, firstly, much of the social organization then to break
down, that is, misery and death for many people, and secondly,
the confidence of many in the social order to break down too.
The misery was aggravated by the onset of a period of much
colder climate than before, the so-called Little Ice Age.

(The fact of whose existence, incidentally, that swindle
institute of the imperialists' on matters of the climate, the
IPCC, most primitively tried to "lie away", together with the
fact of the Medieval Warm Period of some 1,000 years ago, by
presenting in 2000 its infamous "Hockey Stick" falsified graph
of temperature history, in order to make its ridiculous
"manmade global warming" scam, one of the main "excuses for"
the last years' enormous petrol price rises, "more credible".)

In that situation, from the year 1348 on, the then ruling
cliques invented the term "plague", or in most continental
European languages, "pest", for use about, and against, people
who in some way or other opposed them. It largely "replaced"
the earlier one of "leprosy" and was likewise in reality a
*political* term. The still today circulating stories, in all
the ruling reactionaries' mass media, schools etc, about "how
enormous" was the number of people killed in Europe in a few
years beginning in 1348 have been demonstrated to be very much
exaggerated, in the first place, and those about the cause of
this - "a big epidemic" - are clearly refuted too, by today's
*actual* medical science, in the second place.

The most important part of that science - Stefan Lanka is
pointing out too - is the (radically new, and internationally
still very unknown) German New Medicine, developed by Ryke
Geerd Hamer from 1981 on. Its findings can be found on the Net,
for instance at the GNM Entrance Page.


After those "Big Plague" years from 1348 on, there in the
following centuries was no talk of "plague" or "pest" any more
- the mysterious "entity" that purportedly had "caused" it,
today "debated" among the medical swindlers "what kind" of
"bacteria" or "virus" it was - for some "unknown reason" just
having "suddenly disappeared", and was replaced by talk of
something called "smallpox", which purportedly for instance
"caused" many deaths in London in 1660 - in reality above all
caused by poisonings due to bad sanitation in that already then
crowded city. A "smallpox virus" is and was just as
non-existing as a "plague virus". On this, an article by Stefan
Lanka from 2001, exposing as frauds the "photographs" of many
"well-known" but in reality non existing "viruses", is very
instructive, and also a follow-up of his from 2006, "Are there
and can there be diseasecausing viruses?" (translated into
English by me).


A main trick of the reactionary swindlers' in this connection
is their constantly inventing new terms for purportedly
existing "new diseases" or "new viruses", trying to make people
think that those new terms "*must* correspond to some reality
or other - which is precisely what they *don't*. Or - a
variation of the same trick - they're putting the *same* name
on *different* (actual or imagined) diseases which have
appeared at different points in time, trying to make people
think "same name - must be the same thing".

3) The so-called *"Spanish Flu"* of 1918-19, likewise a
"well-known big epidemic", about which there was much renewed
lying in connection with the 2005-6 "bird flu" scam, was also
*not* an "epidemic" (of course - such were no more possible
then than in 1348 or today), but was a result, above all, of
the famine in many countries due to World War I at that time,
also combined with that winter's being very cold in Europe.

The US writer Eleanora I. McBean in a chapter of her
(otherwise instructive) book in 1977 "Swine Flu Expose", which
is on the Net, rightly pointed out that the "Spanish Flu" did
not "originate in Spain" and was not caused by any "earlier
unknown virus", but maintained that it "was caused [in its
entirety] by vaccinations". She herself had experienced, living
as a child at Fort Dix in the USA, where there was a military
training centre, how everybody except her family was vaccinated
and precisely her family was the only one that didn't get sick
at all.

[Chapter on "Spanish Flu" in "Swine Flu Expose":]

That writer at that time (1977) probably still didn't know that
there can be *no* "epidemics" at all. It's quite possible,
indeed likely, that much sickness at that time - hitting not
least young, healthy men and very often soldiers in the
much-vaccinated US army - *was* due to vaccinations. But these
were *not* the *main* cause of the "Spanish Flu" - the number
of whose victims, just as that of "the Great Plague", has also
been exaggerated enormously in the reactionaries' mass media.

4) Both before and during World War II, the then ruling Nazis
in Germany carried out many *"practical" experiments* on people
concerning how, and whether, diseases could be *transferred*
from person to person - by a purportedly existing "process of
infection". All those experiments clearly showed that -
"unfortunately" for these and other arch-reactionaries - this
was *impossible*. After WW II, the US imperialists continued
such experiments, on "volunteers", the last one, "Operation
Whitecoat", with Jehovah's Witness "conscientious objectors" to
armed service having "offered" themselves as "guinea pigs" for
this, ended in 1972 in utter failure as to any "infection"
whatsoever, as had all the others. About this result, notably
enough, I've been unable to find one word on the Internet, for
instance by any of those who justly have protested against the
atrocity of this kind of "scientific experimentation".

In 1952, as Stefan Lanka further wrote, the Australian Frank
MacFarlane Burnet published, in the US magazine Scientific
American, his research result that the infection hypothesis had
been an *error* and that "infectious diseases" had "lost their
terror", something which caused great alarm in the Pentagon and
later made Burnet receive the Nobel price in 1960 as a sop for
making him shut up about this.

Lanka didn't mention - probably he didn't know - that
MacFarlane Burnet has been lauded as "Australia's greatest
epidemiologist", with a big research institute named after him,
and that he sincerely had *hoped* that with "biological
warfare", the imperialists he served might "wipe out" large
numbers of Chinese, of which there in his opinion were "far too
many". His own research result in 1952 thus deeply
*disappointed him*, as the results of the US imperialists'
massive attempts at "biological warfare" against Korea and
China in the Korean war precisely in the two preceding years
did prove "a big disappointment" to those mass murderers too.

But this - to the reactionaries so "tragic" fact that
"biological warfare" simply is *not possible*, that bacteria
and viruses, so to speak, are "much too nice" for it to be
possible to "train them into" attacking some people (or
animals) - is something which they still today very much are
*trying to keep secret* too.

In all armies, including the Swedish one where I've served as a
conscript, there still today officially remains a concept "NBC
warfare" ("Nuclear, Biological and Chemical"). The only warlike
thing you can do with bacteria however is to use the *poisons*
that some of them produce - NB *only* under oxygen-poor
conditions, that is, in *dead* biological matter. But this then
can only be characterized as one type of *chemical* warfare.
The "B" in "NBC warfare" is out, is utter reactionary fantasy
and nonsense. This covers that "anthrax terror" too which was a
big international scare after the US imperialists' infamous
terror attacks against "their own" people (and others) on
11.09.2001. It was poison, and not "contagious germs", that the
white powder mailed in some letters by some ultra-rightists in
the USA then contained. And people handling mail at the
post-sorting centrals here in Europe for instance needn't have
been alarmed, had they only been told that such poison, even if
they had gotten it on their hands, could not have hurt them at

*In conclusion:*

A *warfare* having to do with biology and/or medicine there
certainly *is*, but one of a quite other nature than that
purported by the reactionary media. The very real *quackery
warfare* not least consists in *scaring* people of imaginary
"diseases", in the first place, and in *pressing* them to take
*poisonous* purported "medicines" against the imaginary "AIDS",
for instance, or to accept vaccinations which do no good at all
but likewise are *only poisonous*, in the second place. The
imperialists' mass media themselves are an important weapon for
them in this, one which needs to be countered with *actually
scientific information*, on the largest scale possible.


Message posted by:
Rolf Martens
Malmö, Sweden
Phone and fax:
+46 - 40 - 124832;
Thema: Zu UNO-"Seuchen" mit Lanka-Referat (Engl.)
Rolf M.

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Zu UNO-"Seuchen" mit Lanka-Referat (Engl.) 30.08.2007 15:55 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

Hallo Leute,

Vor Kurzem habe ich das Untenstehende rausgeschickt, das ich
hier in zwei Teile einteile, wegen der Länge. Im Teil 2/2
(als "Antwort" jetzt geschickt) werden einige meiner Ansicht
nach sehr wichtige (und wahrscheinlich sehr unbekannte) Dinge
der Medizingeschichte angesprochen, referiert aus einem Kapitel
von Stefan Lanka in dem Buch "Die Vogelgrippe...".

Rolf M.

"Infectious diseases" [no, some BIG lies] "spreading faster than ever: U.N."

At my homepage I've added today, under
"News with brief comments":

Saturday, 25 August 2007 (NWBC 303) "Infectious diseases" [no,
some BIG lies] "spreading faster than ever: U.N."

2007-08-25, 09:53 GMT:

The above headline is about a recent "report" by the "WHO", a
"report" which once more turns demonstrable basic facts in the
field of medicine upside-down completely, and with its big lies
is another artillery barrage in the ruling imperialists'
massive "green" warfare against the people in all countries, a
warfare that needs to be countered not least by the actual Marx

Here I shall quote in full one of several media articles about
that "report", inserting some brief comments within brackets
[ ], and last in this item make a longer comment, about what
are the actual facts - still no doubt unknown to most people.


It's not only in the field of medicine, but in many other
fields of the natural sciences too, that the ruling bourgeois
cliques today are disseminating on a large scale the most
absurd lies, as an important part of their class struggle
against the workers and the oppressed peoples and nations. More
about this you can find at websites listed under various
headlines in the "Science" sub-section of my homepage's "Links"
section, and in articles of mine listed under "'green' warfare"
and "quackery warfare" in my section "Subjects in postings".
But in the medicine field, the big-time lying is even
particularly all-pervasive and is being covered up and
co-perpetrated by considerable groups of people in certain
professions who on the whole are totally subservient to the
arch-reactionary ruling cliques and, in today's society, have
powers, largely outside of all control by ordinary people, to
maim and kill at will. This is one of many reasons why
international proletarian revolution is absolutely necessary.

Here's, first, that media article,


Infectious diseases spreading faster than ever: U.N.

Last Updated: 2007-08-23 9:17:32 -0400 (Reuters Health)

By Laura MacInnis

GENEVA (Reuters) - Infectious diseases are emerging more
quickly around the globe, spreading faster and becoming
increasingly difficult to treat, the World Health Organization
(WHO) said on Thursday.

[In fact there are *no* "infectious diseases" at all, and
*never* have been any.]

In its annual World Health Report, the United Nations agency
warned there was a good possibility that another major scourge
like AIDS, SARS or Ebola fever with the potential of killing
millions would appear in the coming years.

[The fact that there is *no* "HIV", and *nothing* that might
justifiably be characterized as a "particular disease" or
"syndrome" "AIDS", today already is known to not so few people,
in several countries. The so-called "SARS" "infectious disease"
of 2003 was exposed as complete hoax too, after which the
imperialists had to cease more or less completely their
particular terror propaganda about that. The affliction known
as "Ebola" has been publicly exposed as *not* due to any
"virus", as the big-time liars still "have it", but caused by
*vaccines*, all of which contain dangerous poisons and none of
which have any positive health effects whatsoever; they are in
fact *weapons of war*, as importantly pointed out for instance
by the "GLAC", defending the Congolese and other African
people against the massive openly-violent and sneak-type wars
on them, and scientifically demonstrated above all by the
"klein-klein-aktion" group in Germany.]

[GLAC: See the French-language:

"Infectious diseases are now spreading geographically much
faster than at any time in history," the WHO said.

[Since there just aren't any, no such of course are "spreading"
either, whether "fast" or "slowly".]

It said it was vital to keep watch for new threats like the emergence in 2003 of SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, which spread from China to 30 countries and killed 800 people.

[Meaning, "vital" to *keep inventing* new such "threats", with
which to terrorize people everywhere and "hopefully" to maim
and kill some more of them with medically quite unjustified new
vaccination programmes.]

"It would be extremely naive and complacent to assume that
there will not be another disease like AIDS, another Ebola, or
another SARS, sooner or later," the report warned.

[It would in fact be naive and complacent for ordinary people
to *believe one single word* that the "WHO" says on this, once
they've gotten to know that vital fact that this institution is
a *terrorist* one, in the service of the ruling exploiters,
oppressors and mass murderers in the world, and in particular
largely controlled by persons trained at the US imperialists'
military-directed "*EIS*", a "CIA of medicine".]

Since the 1970s, the WHO said, new threats have been identified
[no, *invented*] at an "unprecedented rate" of one or more
every year, meaning that nearly 40 diseases exist today which
were unknown just over a generation ago.

Over the last five years alone, WHO experts had verified
[conjured up the phantoms of] more than 1,100 epidemics of
different diseases.

With more than 2 billion people traveling by air every year,
the U.N. agency said: "an outbreak or epidemic in one part of
the world is only a few hours away from becoming an imminent
threat somewhere else."

[What the imperialists very much dislike and fear too are the
vastly developed means of communication in the world, since
these today are possible to use also for many among their big
adversary, the vast majority of people.]


The report called for renewed efforts to monitor, prevent and
control epidemic-prone ailments such as cholera, yellow fever
and meningococcal diseases.

[Which all in fact have *non-contagious* causes.]

International assistance may be required to help health workers
in poorer countries identify and contain outbreaks of emerging
viral diseases such as Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fever, the
WHO said.

["Marburg" too is a *vaccinations-induced* affliction, having
nothing to do with any "virus".]

It warned that global efforts to control infectious diseases
have already been "seriously jeopardized" by widespread drug
resistance, a consequence of poor medical treatment and misuse
of antibiotics.

[Since there are *neither* any viruses *nor* any bacteria that
can cause any disease in humans, animals or plants - the latter
only possibly producing poisons under oxygen-poor conditions,
that is, in *dead* biological matter - there are no such that
might get "dangerously drug-resistant" either. And, quite
contrary to a widespread propaganda about this, *all* use of
antibiotics is harmful and nothing else, since it attacks those
very microbes which, in reality, have as their function to
*heal* diseases when these have reached a certain stage. It
means fighting the fire-brigade instead of the fire.]

This is a particular problem in tuberculosis, where extensively
drug-resistant (XDR-TB) strains of the contagious respiratory
ailment have emerged worldwide.

"Drug resistance is also evident in diarrheal diseases,
hospital-acquired infections, malaria, meningitis, respiratory
tract infections, and sexually transmitted infections, and is
emerging in HIV," the report declared.

[Some more of these lies, attempting again to put things
upside-down completely.]

Although the H5N1 bird flu virus has not mutated into a form
that passes easily between humans, as many scientists had
feared, the next influenza pandemic was "likely to be of an
avian variety" and could affect some 1.5 billion people.

[The giant "bird flu" terror scam of 2005-2006 they're making
another feeble effort to "revive", after they had to break it
off almost completely and very suddenly in April 2006 because
it had gotten publicly exposed so totally and in detail - see
for instance my Infos #251en, #252en, #256en and #266en with
certain quotes on this, and the book (even though only in
German) in March 2006, "Die Vogelgrippe - Der Krieg der USA
gegen die Menschheit" ("The Bird Flu - The War of the USA a
gainst Humanity") nailed that terror scam and its perpetrators
so perfectly that there was nothing left for the latter to do
concerning this than to "fall for the allure of retreat", as
Bush recently has characterized such strategic defeats of

"The question of a pandemic of influenza from this virus or
another avian influenza virus is still a matter of when, not
if," the WHO said.

["We still would like to see that 'bird flu' terror scam
revived." Well, "big-time" terrorists, why don't you come on
and try this now, and see what will happen!]

It said all countries must share essential health data, such as
virus samples and reports of outbreaks, as required under
international health rules, to mitigate such risks.

Accidents involving toxic chemicals, nuclear power and other
environmental disasters should also be communicated quickly and
clearly to minimize public health threats.

[Here the "WHO" is even treating readers to a whiff of its
imperialist masters' "green" (anti-industrial) warfare too, by
alluding to those purported "nuclear power accidents" at TMI in
the USA in 1979 and at Chernobyl in the then Soviet Union in
1986, both of which have long since been exposed as criminal
manipulations having, together with the massive and fantastic
government and media lying about these events, which has
10,000-folded their actual effects, some motives of the very
darkest reaction as their actual respective backgrounds.]


A longer COMMENT:

In the entire "culture" of the reigning capitalist/imperialist
social "order" of today, the concepts of (bacterial and viral)
"infections", and of "epidemics", even "pandemics", play an
important role; these are all "household words" which everybody
- at least in the "western world", and probably this is largely
the case globally too - has gotten to "learn about" from his or
her childhood on.

In fact they are all *complete frauds*, *reactionary fantasies*
which have their origins not only in that "famous scientist"
Louis Pasteur of the 19th century - correctly contradicted
already by his contemporary Antoine Béchamp and since more than
a decade back today completely exposed as a swindler - but in
false ideas and conscious swindles, which have suited the
ruling classes for purposes of oppression and terror against
the masses of people, since many centuries back.

[Ende von Teil 1/2 an Agenda Leben]
Thema: Gegen MKS-Schwindel, mit Lanka-Waffe
Rolf M.

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RE: Gegen MKS-Schwindel, mit Lanka-Waffe 08.08.2007 02:20 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

Stefan Lanka: Are there and can there be diseasecausing viruses?

At my homepage I've added today, under
"News with brief comments":

Tuesday, 07 August 2007 (NWBC 297) Stefan Lanka: Are there and
can there be diseasecausing viruses?

2007-08-07, 00:03 GMT:

As an appendix to the previous item, NWBC 296, "More quackery
warfare: Fantasy 'foot and mouth virus' 'hits' UK", and in
order to disseminate once more this important article on a
matter which is no doubt still relatively unknown, I'm
bringing it here also as an NWBC item.

This article, from 01.03.2006 and as translated from the
German by me, can also be found separately at my homepage and
as included in my "UNITE! Info #256en: Another tool against
the 'bird flu' scam", of 11.04.2006.




Newsletter klein-klein-verlag, 01.03.2006
There are no diseasecausing viruses

[Translation from the German by Rolf Martens, 08.04.2006]




Dr Stefan Lanka


Here's an article which makes it possible for every layman to
check on whether or not a publication contains proof of the
existence of a virus:


Viruses are defined as small objects which are produced in a
cell, which can leave the cell and the organism and can enter
a cell again, in which they can again be multiplied.

Those objects which are called viruses consist of a coat of
proteins and contain a piece of nucleic acid.

The nucleic acid of the actually existing viruses consists of
double-stranded, circularly closed DNA.

In the case of the actually existing viruses, never have
diseasecausing properties been observed; on the contrary.

Anyone who takes note of the research results of Dr Hamer,
which are scientific and thus possible to check on and to
reproduce, will realize that there cannot be any disease-
causing viruses.

Anyone who takes note of the results of evolutionary biology
and matrices research, which are scientific and thus possible
to check on and to reproduce, will realize that there in more
complex organisms, such as humans, animals and plants, cannot
be any objects which you could characterize as viruses.

If you maintain that a virus exists, you must also publish
the proof of this in a scientific publication and describe
and document all the steps undertaken for this proof to be

Only when statements in the form of publications are possible
to check on and the results described are possible to repro-
duce can you speak of science. Everything else is not

A publication about a proof of the existence of a virus of
course must contain the photos of the isolated viruses and
those of the viruses which are in the body or in the bodily
fluids. This a layman can check on in a very simple manner.

In a virus proof, the biochemical characterization of the
proteins and the nucleic acid of the virus is particularly
important. The description of a biochemical characterization
of the proteins and the nucleic acid of a virus every layman
can follow.

Whether a typical stripe pattern is reproduced and is present
as documentation of the characterization of the proteins and
the nucleic acid in the corresponding publication, this every
layman can check on EASILY and AT ONCE too.

There are three easy possibilities for a layman to check on
statements about the existence of a virus.


The photo of the isolated virus is the simplest thing in the
whole job of virus isolation. It takes 20 minutes for the
photo to be taken, after the virus has been isolated.

To the photo there of course belongs an accurate description
of how and by what steps the virus was isolated.

Naturally, to this there also belongs my being able to pre-
sent a photo of the virus in the organism, and this of course
must have the same appearance and the same structures as that
virus which I isolated. Here too of course is necessary also
a description of how that photo came about.

The descriptions must be so clear and made in such detail
that anyone can repeat the steps in this process and also
carry it out him/herself.

To note concerning 1.:

In the entire scientific literature, there is no photo of a
purportedly diseasecausing virus which is maintained to be a
photo of an isolated virus!

Also there is not a single photo of a purportedly disease-
causing virus which is maintained to be a photo of a virus
supposedly existing in the organism, in the blood, in the
spittle or in any other bodily fluid.


The most important thing in the isolating of a virus is the
biochemical characterization of its component parts. How else
will you be able later to maintain that a particular protein
or a particular nucleic acid originates from a virus? How,
then, can later an indirect test work, if the proteins and
nucleic acids have never been isolated and investigated.

The proteins are separated from each other, in accordance
with their respective lengths, by means of a process called
gel electrophoresis, and are then given colouring. There
arises a stripe pattern which provides information about how
many different kinds of proteins are included in the con-
struction of the virus and what different sizes they have.

The process of separating the proteins of the virus according
to their lengths is described in detail, and the stripe pat-
tern is photographed and published. The proteins can then be
investigated, even as to their respective individual composi-
tion, in further experiments.

To note concerning 2.:

Not in one single publication is there a photo of the stripe
pattern of such proteins, separated from each other with a
gel electrophoresis process, which would be included in the
construction of a purportedly diseasecausing virus.

In those publications which maintain that diseasecausing
viruses exist, nowhere does there appear any documentation
whatsoever of a biochemical characterization of proteins from
an isolated virus.


The nucleic acid of the virus, which has been separated from
the proteins with a simple process, is separated by means of
a process called gel electrophoresis, in accordance with the
acid's length, and is then given colouring. On the gel, a
stripe becomes visible. Nucleic acids of known lengths, which
have been separated in parallel to the nucleic acid of the
virus, provide by comparison a first hint of the length of
that isolated nucleic acid.

For further characterization of the nucleic acid of the
virus, it is cut up biochemically and the resulting parts
again separated by means of gel electrophoresis. This pro-
duces a specific stripe pattern, which has become known also
to the general public as that seen in the so-called genetic

In further investigations, the more precise composition of
the nucleic acid can be investigated.

The results of these experiments of course are photographed
and published. Obviously you need proof for your statements
about how long is that nucleic acid which originates from the
virus and about what are its component parts.

The techniques mentioned here are so simple that unprepared
groups of schoolboys and schoolgirls and of journalists have
managed, guided only by the written instructions in the pub-
lications, independently and in the course of two afternoons
to isolate that virus which I isolated, to characterize it
biochemically (as described above) and to document the re-

(Including the electron microscope photographs of the iso-
lated viruses. The photographing of viruses in an organism
takes appr. 2-3 days, since the cells must be dehydrated and
chemically fixed before they are cut into waferthin slices,
which is a precondition for your seeing anything in them at

To note concerning 3.:

There is in no publication a documentation of a separation of
a nucleic acid about which it is maintained that it origi-
nates from a diseasecausing virus.

Also, there is in none of those publications which maintains
that diseasecausing viruses exist that typical stripe pat-
tern, resulting from a biochemical separation, which has be-
come known also to a broader public as that seen in the so-
called genetic fingerprint.


1.a) On the basis of a photo claimed to show a supposedly
isolated virus, any layman can check on whether something at
all has been isolated here or no: If there in that photo,
which is maintained to show an isolated virus, are parts
which differ in size, then it can be seen at once that this
is an untruth, since isolated viruses are all equally large.

It is only from the invention of the idea of an Ebola virus
on that, as is the case now with H5N1, there have been claims
about there existing sausage-shaped viruses. With H5N1 of
course, things are even merrier, since here there are circu-
lating the most different photos - all outside of scientific
publications - some of which show the purported virus as a
sausage, others showing it as an unshapely blister.

1.b) Photographs of viruses, maintained to be diseasecausing,
in a human or an animal or in a bodily fluid from any such -
in which of course such a virus is supposed to multiply and
in which it supposedly exists in vast quantities - do not
exist! This every layman can check on: Is there, or is there
not, a photo of a virus claimed to be diseasecausing, about
which it is maintained that it is found in a human or in a
bodily fluid?

All photographs of viruses which are maintained to be dis-
easecausing are photographs of quite normal component parts
of cells or of artificially produced particles. In all
scientific publications which claim that photos contained in
them are photos of diseasecausing viruses, this even is
described. Every layman who understands English can check on
this: By reading!

2.) Every layman can check on, whether in any publication
whatsoever, in which the existence of a diseasecausing virus
is maintained, the biochemical characterization of proteins
of the purported virus is described or documented. Such a
documentation and description does not exist. When proteins
with this or that property are mentioned, these never appear
directly but purportedly are being proved "indirectly".

To prove with indirect methods (for instance so-called anti-
bodies) the existence of proteins, which have earlier never
been directly proved to exist, is not possible.

The trick is easy to see through:

Proteins from the blood (globulins) simply are maintained to
be antibodies. Depending on laboratory conditions, globulins
will either combine or will not combine with other substan-
ces. If there is combining, then it is maintained that an
indirect existence proof has been obtained. This is a histo-
ric swindle with dramatic consequences.

3. Every layman can check on whether there concerning a virus
which is claimed to exist is a publication in which the bio-
chemical characterization of the nucleic acid of the virus is
described and documented. In the case of the purportedly
diseasecausing viruses, there is no such publication.

This automatically means that the so-called indirect methods
for proving the existence of a nucleic acid in the case of
the viruses claimed to be diseasecausing are only proving the
existence of such nucleic acids which were already in the
organism in beforehand. That's how simple this is!

In use today are the so-called nucleic-acid multiplication
method PCR. That method makes sense only if there is no more
than very small amounts of nucleic acid present. If there
were just a few thousand viruses present, then there would
have been no need first very laboriously to multiply nucleic
acid in order then to say, here is the nucleic acid of the

With the indirect PCR method of proof, which today is being
claimed to constitute a direct virus proof method, arbitrary
manipulation can be undertaken: Depending on what kind of
nucleic acid you use, whether DNA or RNA as source from which
to proceed, you can cause people, as is being done in the HIV
PCR test, to test arbitrarily either "positive" or "nega-

The H5N1 PCR test now in use is testing every animal and
every human positive, because that nucleic acid which is
multiplied in it and which is maintained to be specific for
H5N1 is found in every animal and every human. Thus it came
about too that today the cat at the island of Rügen was
tested "positive".

Thus it in the next few days, as I assume, will also come
about that the first human, at Rügen or on the shore of Lake
Constance - someone who, through retardation of the essential
and vital neuramidase enzymes in his or her body by means of
Tamiflu dispensing, has been poisoned in advance - will be
tested "H5N1 positive", so that the pandemic plan and the
predictions are fulfilled.


To the forum Agenda-Leben:


P.S. I shall be happy to put my degree and doctoral disserta-
tion, written in German, and my English-language publications
about my virus discovery, isolation and characterization at
the disposal of any dedicated forum member who would like to
scan them in here in order to make them available in the
forum. I hope that by this the stealing of time and causing
of confusion by certain people here in the forum, who have
played at being critical and cynical, might finally come to
an end.

Of course you can also obtain my degree and doctoral disser-
tation via the inter-library loan service of the Konstanz
university library.



Message posted by:
Rolf Martens
Malmö, Sweden
Phone and fax:
+46 - 40 - 124832;
Thema: Gegen MKS-Schwindel, mit Lanka-Waffe
Rolf M.

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Gegen MKS-Schwindel, mit Lanka-Waffe 08.08.2007 02:19 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

Hallo Leute,

Vielleicht interessiert Euch ein Ding, das ich gestern veröffentlicht habe, auf English unten - Teil 1. Als Teil 2 kommt Übersetzung von Stefan Lankas Artikel vom 01.03.2006: "Gibt es und kann es krankmachende Viren geben?".

Rolf M.

More quackery warfare: Fantasy "foot and mouth virus" "hits" UK

At my homepage I've added yesterday, under
"News with brief comments":

Monday, 06 August 2007 (NWBC 296) More quackery warfare:
Fantasy "foot and mouth virus" "hits" UK

2007-08-06, 23:30 GMT:

Last Friday, 03.08, a cow or possibly several cows at a farm
called Wolford or Woolford, situated near Guildford in Surrey
west of London and owned by Roger Pride, who was raising
cattle fattened for organic beef - apparently - showed
symptoms of the so-called foot and mouth disease, also called
vesicular disease since its symptoms include blisters in an
animal's mouth and close to its hoofs. (None of the many mass
media in which yesterday and today quite extensive "reports"
on this matter have appeared has cared to mention how many
cows it was - if more than one - or what were actually the

The UK Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs
(Defra) immediately was called in for so-called "testing", and
already the same day had "ascertained" that the cow or cows in
question "was infected with" "the foot and mouth virus", after
which it ordered the first of several purported
"countermeasures" "because of this" which in the last few days
have been undertaken both in the UK itself and also in several
other countries. As described in a Defra bulletin:


"From 22:00 on 3 August, a national ban came into force across
Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) to prevent the
movement of susceptible animals. In both the protection and
surveillance zones, there will be requirements for increased
levels of biosecurity on farms, cleansing and disinfection of
vehicles, people and machinery moving on/off farms."

That "test result" on which this was "based" however was all
wrong. The cow or cows in question was/were not "infected
with" a "foot and mouth virus", simply because there isn't,
and never has been, any such virus at all. The disease is
caused by certain poisonings. It's not infectious, not

It's even a fact that there are no diseasecausing viruses at
all - a fact certainly since long well-known to the
governments of the major capitalist/imperialist countries and
to their medical experts, but probably still unknown to many
among the so-called ordinary people, and therefore I shall
make the next NWBC item, No. 297, into a kind of appendix to
the present one in order once more to demonstrate this fact;
it will consist of a repetition of an article (in translation)
by the German virologist Stefan Lanka, "Are there and can
there be diseasecausing viruses?", of 01.03.2006. This article
can also be found separately at my homepage and as included in
my "UNITE! Info #256en: Another tool against the 'bird flu'


Further instructive articles in English on this important
matter is one from 2001 by the same virologist exposing as
utter frauds a number of "photographs" of "well-known"
(imaginary) "viruses" and a few at the English-language
website of the "klein-klein-aktion"; in German it has much
more information in the form of many articles and books.


Like the infamous big "bird flu" terror propaganda scam of
2005 - early 2006, like the even much bigger and even more
infamous "HIV"/"AIDS" terror scam and mass murder campaign
which has been going on in the world since the early / mid-
1980s and which still continues, like the mass maiming and
murdering practice of vaccinations - whose actual character of
having no positive effects whatsoever, but only introducing
dangerous poisons into the bodies of humans or animals, still
far too few people have even the slightest suspicion of today
- the massive media propaganda about there being a "contagious
foot and mouth disease" is nothing but another instrument of
terror which those small cliques of exploiters, oppressors and
mass murderers who today rule this planet are directing
against practically everybody - a part of an ongoing *quackery
warfare* in the world, in fact.

For now, this particular type of terror has reached that level
that all the 64 heads of cattle owned by Roger Pride have been
slaughtered - "culled" - as is the circumscription for it -
for no animal health protection reason at all, thus ruining
that particular farmer, and recently some 60 more, at nearby
farms, which the phantom "foot and mouth virus" will no more
"get around to haunt" than, say, No. 10 Downing Street in
London, the White House in the USA or the parliamentary
building in Tokyo, Japan. All movement of cattle, sheep and
pigs in the UK has been banned, the EU has said that it will
restrict all live animals, fresh meat and milk products from
mainland Great Britain, and the government of Japan yesterday
declared that it was banning all importation of British meat.

A farcical thing in this connection is that actually two
laboratories precisely, purportedly, "working on" how to
"combat" the fantasy "foot and mouth virus" and on producing
vaccines "against it", that is, on how to poison cows even
more, two laboratories which happen to be housed in the same
building too, at Pirbright, only some 5 kilometres from Roger
Pride's farm, namely, the US-owned commercial firm Merial and
the UK-governmental Institute of Animal Health, were both
"suspected of" having "caused" the purported "virus outbreak"
by some "sloppy handling" or other of "virus cultures" at
their "disposal". Of such a particular wrongdoing, however,
they both are quite innocent, it can easily be ascertained,
since of course there are no "cultures" either of that phantom

It seems unlikely that this particular ongoing crime of wanton
material destruction will go quite as far, this time, as it
did in 2001, when between 6.5 million and 10 million animals
were slaughtered and values of some £8.5 thus destroyed, under
the bourgeois-mad-reactionary pretext of "combating" that
particular imaginary "virus", the "foot-and-mouth" one. But
this doesn't prevent the reactionary mass media in quite a
number of countries, of course, from screaming out quite
loudly some horrid misinformation and some at least
"ambitious" scare attempts in this connection - see some
recent articles, for instance, by:

BBC, The Independent, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph (all
UK), Le Monde (France), Die Welt (Germany), Aljazeera (Middle
East) and CNN (USA).



Message posted by:
Rolf Martens
Malmö, Sweden
Phone and fax:
+46 - 40 - 124832;
Thema: GLAC (Afrika) gegen Impfen
Rolf M.

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RE: GLAC (Afrika) gegen Impfen 28.07.2007 18:19 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien


"GLAC" bedeutet "Grands-Lacs Confidentiel", was sich auf den großen Seen in Zentralafrika bezieht. Es ist ein "E-Zine", in Kanada herausgegebe, offensichtlich von Leuten aus der DR Kongo. Oftmals sehr wohl informiert.

Danke für Deine freundliche Worte. Ich möchte meinerseits sagen, daß Ihr in der "klein-klein-aktion" eben eine besonders wichtige Arbeit macht, auch international von großer Bedeutung. Es wäre gut, wenn von Euch noch mehr Material auf Englisch (usw.) kommen würde.

Rolf M.
Thema: GLAC (Afrika) gegen Impfen
Rolf M.

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RE: GLAC (Afrika) gegen Impfen 25.07.2007 05:25 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

UNISSEZ-VOUS! Info #284fr: 2/2 GLAC: "Vaccination - arme de guerre!" Oui!
[Envoyé le: 24-25.07.2007]

[In French: "GLAC: 'Vaccination - weapon of war!' Yes!"]

[Continuation de partie 1/2]

D’ici octobre cette campagne de vaccination sera lancée, par-
tout dans le pays. Elle sera très nuisible aux survivants de
la guerre qui ont déjà un système immunitaire très affaibli et
la seule facon de renforcer leur système immunitaire c’est
uniquement et fondamentalement de les nourrir. Comme le monde
ne veut pas leur donner à manger, ni leur garantir la paix qui
permettrait à ces survivants de produire à nouveau leur propre
nourriture, alors tout citoyen congolais a le devoir de re-
fuser que ses enfants prennent ce vaccin meurtrier.


Une conclusion, naturellement, tout à fait correcte. Il faut
ajouter, cependant, que le soi-disant "système immunitaire",
comme décrite par la "médicine officielle", est un myth aussi
- il n'est pas contre des "bactéries ou virus dangereux" que
le corps humaine doit se défendre.]

Ne donnez pas vos enfants à la mort, une mort qui ne sera pas
rapide, mais qui viendra lentement et surement, exactement
comme prévu, exécuté et planifié, et qu’on ne sera même plus
capable d’associer à sa vraie cause, le vaccin.

Alors ces mêmes ennemis qui ont imposé la guerre aux
congolais, qui ont posé tous les obstacles pour que le Congo
ne soit pas écouté comme toute autre nation du monde, et qui
continuent leur blocage aujourd’hui pour que la population
congolaise maltraitée n’ait pas droit à une aide humanitaire,
ces mêmes ennemis auront gagné une autre guerre.



Fondé le 13 janvier, 1999
Année 2006, Numéro 8
Edition du 8 mai 2006


La République démocratique du Congo a été ciblée une fois de
plus pour le dépeuplement par les vaccins. Des vaccinations
contre la rougeole sont prévues sur tout le territoire. Les
organisations internationales qui organisent ces vaccinations,
OMS, Unicef, Rotary, Médecins sans frontières et autres tien-
nent à ne pas rater ce moment ou les enfants sont très af-
faiblis par la guerre et les privations et ou il est facile de
s’en débarrasser. Elles agissent maintenant sans tambour ni
trompette, dans la plus grande discrétion et les médias sont
leurs complices, aucun article sur les vaccinations ni sur
leurs conséquences, aucune information ne circule.

Rappelons que toutes les campagnes de vaccinations au Congo
s’accompagnent de nombreux décès d’enfants. La vaccination
affaiblit systématiquement le système immunitaire et atteint
le cerveau des enfants. La vaccination a de nombreuses con-
séquences catastrophiques pour la santé et fait apparaître, à
court terme et à long terme, toutes sortes de maladies et de

Un correspondant de Grands Lacs Confidentiel, un médecin
voulant garder l’anonymat sous peine de perdre son emploi,
avertit « de risques accrus et de dégats graves qu’occasionne
la vaccination dans son district ». Un médecin d’une autre
région informe Grands-Lacs Confidentiel d’une épidémie de
rougeole « avec l’hypothèse que les vaccins sont à la base de
l’épidémie ». Là encore, la presse complice garde un silence

[Commentaire: Sans doute, cette information sur des risques
accrus et des dégats graves occasionés pas les vaccination est
correcte. Mais ces dégats ne prennent pas la forme d'une
"épidémie". Les "épidémies" aussi, le "contagion" par des
"bactéries ou virus dangereux", sont un mythe propagé par les
impérialistes et leurs outils dociles dans le domaine médi-

Les vaccins, cadeaux de la même mafia internationale qui arme
les ennemis du Congo, sont des armes de guerre. Les campagnes
de vaccination ont plusieurs objectifs, nous en citons quel-
ques uns ci-dessous. Celui de protéger les enfants contre les
maladies ne fait définitivement pas partie de la liste :

1. Le dépeuplement direct puisque de nombreux enfants meurent
à chaque campagne de vaccination;

2. Les profits financiers de compagnies pharmaceutiques,
toujours très liées à celles de l’armement;

3.L’augmentation de l’endettement du pays et donc du contrôle
des institutions financières, IMF et Banque Mondiale;

4. La création d’une population en mauvaise santé qui va déve-
lopper des maladies profitables de plusieurs façons pour ceux
là même qui ont imposé les vaccins.

En effet, les mêmes organisations bénéficieront d’une excuse
pour aller aider de nouveau ceux dont ils ont ruiné la santé.
Est-ce que ce ne sont pas les mêmes organisations internatio-
nales qui ont vacciné les congolais avec des vaccins contenant
le sida, et qui ensuite viennent leur apporter les tests de
dépistage très lucratifs et qui donnent de faux résultats?
Est-ce que ce ne sont pas encore les mêmes organisations qui
projettent de donner leurs médicaments toxiques à ceux qui ont
la malchance d’avoir un test vih positif? (ce qui ne prouve
pas qu’ils ont le sida).


Oui, c'est tout à fait correcte, et une chose importante à
savoir, que les "médicaments" donnés à ceux qui ont la mal-
chance d'avoir un "test VIH" "positif" sont très toxiques, en
effet meurtièrs. C'est correcte aussi qu'n tel "resultat"
certainement ne "prouve" pas qu'ils "ont le SIDA". Il faut
ajouter que ces choses vont encore plus loin que ça, que ces
crimes sont encore pire: Donné le fait qu'il ne même existe
pas un "VIH", tous ces "tests" sont des escroqueries pures et
simples, et donnent des "resultats" "positifs" ou "négatifs"
complètement arbitrariment. Et, comme déjà indiqué ci-dessus,
"le SIDA" n'existe pas non plus.

Dans quelques lignes ici-bas, les auteurs répètent leur erreur
à croire que "le VIH" et "le SIDA" sont des entitées


Que font les autres pays?

Le 6 mai 2004, la cour de justice libyenne a jugé et condamné
à mort 5 infirmières bulgares et un médecin palestinien pour
avoir inoculé le sida à 426 enfants lors de transfusions
sanguines. Qui va encore essayer de contaminer les enfants
libyens? Personne. Mais au Congo, on peut inoculer les enfants
impunément et continuer à le faire sans se cacher pendant des

Le gouvernement algérien a arrêté une campagne de vaccination
contre la rougeole après la mort de 8 nourrissons. Mais au
Congo peu importe le nombre de bébés qui sont déjà morts, peu
importe combien vont mourir, la vaccination continue…

[Commentaire: Oui, bien sûr il faut s'opposer à cettes inocu-
lations. Mais, encore une fois, "inoculer le SIDA" ou "le
VIH", c'est impossible, car cettes entitées pretendues n'exis-
tent pas. La cour de justice libyenne donc, en ce cas parti-
culier, a fait un erreur grave, a contribué un secours impor-
tant à la propgande de terreur des impérialistes EE.UU. sur ce

Les épidémies chez les bébés

Une épidémie de Marburg (virus semblable à l’ébola) a été dé-
clarée à Uige dans le nord de l’Angola en mars 2005. Malgré la
désinformation on peut trouver un article qui remonte aux
sources de l’épidémie, c’est un article de Corinne Bensimon
paru dans le journal français ‘libération’ le 26 mars 2005...


Comme déjà indiqué ci-dessus, il n'existe pas un "virus Mar-
burg", ni un "virus Ébola". Les maladies fut provoquées par
les campagnes massives de vaccination; elles ne constituait
pas "une épidémie".

Dans le paragraphe suivant, le GLAC très correctement attaque
une certaine activité criminelle de l'organisation réaction-
naire et hypocrite "Médecins Sans Frontiers".]


Une épidémie mystérieuse

Une vaccination contre la rougeole a eu lieu a Matadi à la fin
décembre 2005. En janvier une épidémie a été déclarée, on
rapporte que 1500 personnes étaient atteintes et qu’il y a eu
20 morts, surtout des enfants. Cette même épidémie a été qua-
lifiée de variole selon un article du forum des as, de monkey-
pox par un médecin de Kinshasa, de rougeole par médecins sans
frontières et d’une sorte de gale par un correspondant local.
Après 20 morts, la réaction criminelle de médecins sans
frontières a été de vacciner à nouveau.


Alors que la guerre se termine et que le Congo peut espérer un
peu de stabilité, le peuple doit se montrer encore plus vigi-
lant. Ne dit-on pas que le vrai objectif de la guerre, c’est
l’après-guerre? Que c’est là le moment le plus propice pour
que les ennemis façonnent la société pour rendre le peuple
esclave? Que cela a été fait efficacement après chaque guerre?
Changer la société, c’est le principal objectif de la guerre.
Les organisations internationales sont bien prêtes, qu’elles
se réclament du domaine de la santé, de l’économie, des
finances, de l’agriculture ou des droits humains – Même ob-
jectif – Instaurer la domination du peuple.

Les congolais doivent défendre la vie de leurs enfants, ils ne
peuvent, pour cela, faire confiance à personne d’autre. Voici
quelques recommandations :

1. Informer la population congolaise sur les dangers de toutes
les vaccinations;

2. Utiliser la justice selon le modèle libyen, arrêter, juger
et condamner ceux qui sont responsables de crimes même s’ils
sont médecins, infirmiers ou infirmières. Ces évènements
doivent être étroitement suivis par la presse. [Commentaire:
Oui, ce principe est correcte. Mais il faut ajouter que en ce
cas particulier, le court de justice Libyen a condamné cer-
taines personnes pour des crimes qu'ils n'avaient commis et ne
pouvaient pas commettre. Et il faut ajouter une recommendation
de plus, pour les personnes responsables: Continuer à s'in-
former, ils-mêmes, sur les faits dans le domaine médical.]

3. Arrêter les vaccinations comme cela a été fait en Algérie
sur la base de tous les enfants qui en sont morts et sans
attendre que d’autres enfants meurent;

4. Faire des enquêtes sur l’origine de chaque épidémie, et
plus particulièrement sur les épidémies suspectes, dont celles
qui atteignent surtout des bébés;

5. Utiliser la presse pour le bien de la population. Les in-
formations sur les campagnes de vaccination et sur les épidé-
mies sont du domaine public. Elles doivent être fournies au
public, et non pas cachées. Quand une vaccination se prépare,
cela doit apparaître dans les journaux, quand des enfants
vaccinés meurent, cela doit aussi apparaître dans les
journaux, comme en Algérie, sinon les enfants continueront de



Message envoyé par:
Rolf Martens
Malmö, Suède
Téléphone et fax:
+46 - 40 - 124832;
Thema: GLAC (Afrika) gegen Impfen
Rolf M.

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GLAC (Afrika) gegen Impfen 25.07.2007 05:24 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

GLAC (Afrika) gegen Impfen

Hallo Leute,

Das Untenstehende, auf Französisch, mit Zitate einer Meldung
der Grands-Lacs Confidentiel (GLAC - Leute aus der DR Kongo in
Kanada) und einigen Kommentare von mir, habe ich soeben an
einige Newsgroups, Brieflisten usw. geschickt. U.a. empfehle
ich Diskussion, auch z.B. auf Französisch, im Forum Agenda
Leben. - Kommt in 2 Teile.

Rolf M.

UNISSEZ-VOUS! Info #284fr: 1/2 GLAC: "Vaccination - arme de guerre!" Oui!
[Envoyé le: 24-25.07.2007]

[In French: "GLAC: 'Vaccination - weapon of war!' Yes!"]

La série "UNITE! (etc) Info" (1995-) préconise la
ligne politique de Marx, Lénine et Mao Zedong. Pour
tous les pièces, verrez


Le Grands-Lacs Confidentiel (GLAC), une source bien informée
sur les questions de la RD Congo et des autres pays en Afrique
Centrale, aujourd'hui a distribué, par des e-mails, un message
VACCINATION". Ici bas, je vais citer quelques parties de ce
message, avec quelques commentaires par moi-même ajoutés en
parenthèses [ ]. J'ai aussi reproduit le message entier à ma
homepage, avec une note d'intro.

[message entier:

La chose la plus importante avec ce message est son avertisse-

"Attention parents! La vaccination est une arme de guerre!"

Un avertissement qui est tout à fait correcte et très impor-
tant. Pourqoui?

Parce que toutes les vaccinations manquent complètement une
justification positive médicale - car il n'existent pas des
virus, ni des bactéries, qui provoquent des maladies chez les
êtres humains (ou animaux).

Et avant tout parce que tous les vaccins contiennent des
poisons dangereux - le hydroxide d'aluminuim, par example,
plus dangereux encore que les composés de mercure, qui sont
souvent présents aussi.

Les docteurs ils-même ne savent toute la vérité sur les con-
tenus des vaccins qu'ils administrent, et c'est interdit pour
eux de le savoir; ça sont des secrets des enterprises qui
fabriquent les vaccins, secrets bien gardés par lés états

Cet avertissement du message du GLAC est important pour le
peuple ici dans le soi-disant "riche" Europe, où beaucoup des
gens, probablement la grande majorité, ignorent encore cette
vérité, et où les autoritées réactionnaires ordonnent de plus
et plus des vaccinations.

Il est encore plus important pour le peuple dans les pays
internationalement opprimés et exploités, où les impérialistes
poussent des programmes massives de vaccination avec une
férocité fantastique - surtout en certains pays en Afrique -
naturellement camouflés comme "aide alimentaire".

Pourqoui ces programmes de vaccination, en Europe comme en
Afrique, en tous le continents? La bourgeoisie impérialiste
dirigeante sait très bien, aujourd'hui, que la vieille théorie
sur "des bactéries et virus dangereux", avancée dans le 19ème
siècle par cet escroc de Louis Pasteur, et refutée déjà par
son contemporaire Antoine Béchamp, est complètement fausse.

Il s'agit d'une guerre de charlatanerie, a quackery warfare,
menée par les impérialists dirigeants contre practiquement
tous le monde, pour conserver à tout prix leur systéme d'ex-
ploitation dans le monde. Ils mènent aujourd'hui, depuis plus
de trois décades, aussi une guerre "verte", anti-industrielle
(a "green" warfare), avec le même but. (Verrez des articles
sur ces sujets, en anglais, à ma homepage.) Il s'agit bien sûr
de la génocide, comme constate le GLAC.


Mais certainement, les peuples dans le monde sont plus forts
que ces miniscules cliques de réactionnaires qui reignent
encore sur le planète, grâce a leur meilleure organisation, et
ils peuvent vaincre ces campagnes et cettes cliques elles-même

Néanmoins, il reste encore un grand problème d'information.
Par example, le message actuel du GLAC montre aussi que ses
auteurs n'ont pas encore percé à jour certains grands men-
songes des impérialistes dans la domaine médicale. C'est sur
ça que je vais ajouter quelques commentaires en parenthèses
[ ] ici bas.

Voici les citations:



Grands-Lacs Confidentiel

den 24 juli 2007 03:38 [CET]



Fondé le 13 janvier, 1999
Réédition de GLAC 9-2005 et GLAC 8-2006
Le 24 juillet 2007

Chers lecteurs,
Grands Lacs Confidentiel vous demande de diffuser très large-
ment cette réédition de ses textes sur la vaccination. Les
maîtres du dépeuplement, sous le couvert des organisations non
gouvernementales, scandant le slogan de l’humanitaire, sont
prêts à tout pour atteindre leur objectif au Congo. Comme nous
n’avons cessé de le dénoncer, ils s’attaquent aux enfants par
des campagnes de vaccinations forcées. Ils espèrent détruire
ainsi l’avenir du pays.

Informez toutes les familles autour de vous et toutes celles
que vous pouvez rejoindre ailleurs dans le pays que la vacci-
nation est une arme puissante de dépeuplement. Informez
verbalement toutes les familles qui ne peuvent pas recevoir

Parents, la vie de vos enfants dépend de vous, de votre vigi-
lance et de votre détermination. Résistez à ces attaques dé-
guisées en aide humanitaire ! Tenez fort et n’oubliez pas que
cette campagne va durer très longtemps.



Fondé le 13 janvier, 1999
Année 2005, Numéro 9
Edition du 29 septembre 2005


Pour diffusion immédiate


Attention parents! La vaccination est une arme de guerre!

C’est une arme qui a déjà été utilisée lorsque les américains
ont introduit le sida dans les vaccins et qu’ils ont ciblé
l’Afrique Centrale pour un dépeuplement massif.


Bien sûr les impérialistes EE.UU. ciblent-ils l'Afrique
Centrale pour un dépeuplement massif. Mais "introduir le
SIDA", ou, plus précisement, "introduir le VIH", dans les vac-
cines, ça ils ne peuvent pas faire, car un tel "virus" (ou un
tel "syndrome") n'existe pas! Le "grand truc" ici est une cam-
pagne de mensonge très massive, depuis plus de deux décades,
dans le monde. Comme j'ai écrit aussi dans ma note d'intro
pour ce message entier du GLAC à ma homepage:

Il faut ajouter que les auteurs de ce message n'ont
(n'avaient) pas encore découvert certaines autres véritées,
également importantes en ce contexte, lesquelles les impéria-
listes font leur mieux pour chacher de tous le monde:

*Le fait qu'il n'existe pas un virus "VIH".
*Le fait qu'il n'existe pas une maladie ou un syndrome que
l'on pourrait correctement appeller "SIDA".
*Le fait qu'il e'existe même pas une seule éspèce de virus, ni
une seule éspèce de bactérie, qui provoque des maladies - un
fait qui montre qu'aucune vaccination a la moindre justifica-
tion médicale.
*Le fait - donc - qui'l existe non plus un "virus Ebola" ou un
"virus Marburg" etcetera; les maladies attribuées par les im-
périalistes et leurs outils dociles à "ces virus" en réalité
sont causées par des vaccinations, encore beaucoup plus mas-
sivement imposées sur les peuples dans les pays opprimés et
internationalement exploités que sur les peuples dans les pays

Pour explication de ces faits, verrez ma "UNISSEZ-VOUS! Info
#284fr: GLAC: 'Vaccination - arme de guerre!' Oui!" de la même
date, le 24.07.2007, et, avant tout, les sites:



(Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer)


Germanique Nouvelle Médecine


Il y a aussi un forum pour discussion sur ces questions -
"normalement" en allemand mais probablement, on peut discuter
là par example en français aussi:

Agenda Leben


Pour registrer à ce forum, cliquez sur "Registrieren", et il
faut savoir que "Benutzername" veut dire "Nom de l'utilisa-

Pensez vous que c’est du passé? Qu’ils ne le feront plus?

Savez vous que les vaccinations viennent de l’Unicef? Que
l’Unicef est une agence de l’ONU?

Savez vous que ceux qui vaccinent sont ceux qui font la guerre
au peuple congolais?

Qu’on se le dise honnêtement il y a des questions auxquelles
le people congolais doit répondre. Tous les congolais ont subi
depuis des années une guerre injuste, imposée, soutenue,
alimentée par la communauté internationale qui vise les res-
sources naturelles du pays, et veut y accéder librement sans
l’encombrement d’une population.

Le monde entier a bien fermé les yeux sur les massacres de ce
peuple et sur sa souffrance, sur la mort de plusieurs millions
de congolais, découlant de cette guerre ignoble. La malnutri-
tion, le kwashiorkor sévissent et la population est en train
de mourir à un taux le plus élevé et jamais vu nulle part

Personne ne vient a son secours, et surtout pas d’aide alimen-
taire. Par contre le seul secours qu’on promet c’est de la
vaccination, ce sont des lots et des lots de vaccins, et ceux-
ci ont été fabriqués chez ces mêmes gens qui ont fabriqué la

Franchement, est-ce que les enfants congolais meurent de
l’absence de vaccins? Non! Ils meurent de la malnutrition due
aux puissances qui ferment les yeux et qui refusent de donner
l’aide alimentaire à laquelle ont droit toutes les autres
victimes des guerres à travers le monde.

Et la version congolaise de l’aide internationale, ce sont les
vaccins … Les vaccins qui ont justement une histoire chargée
dans ce pays gravement atteint par le sida, et par d’autres
maladies aux origines mystérieuses.

[Commentaire: Dans les lignes au-dessus, le GLAC, naturelle-
ment, a complètement raison. Mais concernant "le SIDA", les
auteurs se trompent. Une telle "maladie", ou un tel "syn-
drome", n'a jamais "atteint" le Congo ou qualquier autre pays,
car "elle", ou "il", n'existe pas et n'a jamais existé. "Le
SIDA", ça veut dire quoi? C'est simplement un nom commun, une
dénomination propagandiste, pour plus de 25 vraies afflic-
tions différentes qui n'ont pas rien en commun, et aucune de
cettes maladies est provoquée par un virus. Il faut savoir
aussi que la définition elle-même de "la SIDA" n'est pas une
chose internationellement établise; chaque continent a sa
propre "définition"! Comme constate le GLAC aussi, c'est les
grands problèmes, comme malnutrition, la manque de l'au potab-
le, la manque de la salubrité publique, les guerres réaction-
naires ouvertement violents, les campagnes de vaccination, qui
ont vraiment atteint le Congo.]

Le problème dont il est question ici, c’est cette guerre des
multinationales imposée au Congo pour piller les ressources
naturelles en laissant périr les enfants et le reste de la
population. On est en train de vider le pays pour laisser des
terres vacantes à l’exploitation des ressources minières. Et
comme on a imposé la guerre et qu’elle n’a pas décimé tous le
congolais, on a imposé la malnutrition. Guerre, famine, vac-
cins, tous ont le même objectif et se renforcent l’un l’autre
pour atteindre les objectifs visés, une terre peuplée et pros-
père qui se change en quelques années en une terre vide et
déserte, sous contrôle des exploiteurs miniers.

Dans les conditions présentes, ces campagnes de vaccination
prescrites ouvertement par les ennemis du Congo sont ignobles
et criminelles. Ignobles et criminelles pourquoi? Parce qu’on
ne peut jamais prescrire des vaccins à des enfants mourrant de
la malnutrition. Et ici nous certifions et nous signons mille
fois que ces pays pourvoyeurs de vaccins pour le Congo ne
peuvent jamais faire la même chose chez eux, dans leur popula-
tion, vacciner des enfants mal nourris ou malades.

Par pression politique sur le gouvernement congolais ou par
alliance avec ceux qui sont favorables à la guerre et qui sont
présents, bien sur, dans ce gouvernement, on apporte ces lots
de vaccins de la mort pour les imposer aux survivants et par-
achever le dépeuplement de la guerre.

Le peuple congolais doit comprendre que la guerre n’est pas
seulement au bout du canon, elle vient sous plusieurs formes :

- Il y a les canons et les armes;
- Il y a la malnutrition et les vaccins;

- Il y a aussi la guerre psychologique, la déformation de
l’histoire etc….

- Il y a aussi la fameuse théorie des guerres oubliées, tel
est le cas du Congo présentement. Il s’agit en fait de mener
la guerre plus efficacement sans se faire décrier par le reste
du monde. Et ici, les morts ne comptent pas, peu importe la
quantité. Et les organisateurs en profitent beaucoup parce que
tous ces morts, victimes de maladies provoquées directement
par la guerre, ne seront jamais attribués à personne. On
n’accusera jamais les agresseurs du pays et leurs maitres de
les avoir tués alors que logiquement c’est bien eux, au moyen
de leur guerre, qui les ont tués, d’une mort planifiée, exécu-
tée délibérément, froidement, sans leur laisser une seule
chance de survie, sans fléchir une seconde depuis le début du
plan jusqu’à son aboutissement macabre.

C’est l’ensemble de tous ces éléments précités qui constitue
vraiment la guerre et surtout une guerre qui vise à préparer
l’exploitation totale des richesses naturelles du Congo à
l’abri de tout ce qui gène, comme la population.

C’est l’ensemble de tous ces éléments précités qui constitue
vraiment la guerre et surtout une guerre qui vise à préparer
l’exploitation totale des richesses naturelles du Congo à
l’abri de tout ce qui gène, comme la population.

[Continuation en partie 2/2] [Fortsetzung in Teil 2/2]
Thema: Zu Le Monde, BBC gestern von mir
Rolf M.

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Zu Le Monde, BBC gestern von mir 07.07.2007 05:55 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

Hallo Leute,

Zum Versuch am 05.07 von Le Monde und BBC, die Vogelgrippekampagne wieder aufzuwärmen, habe in gestern an
Newsgroups, Brieflisten usw. das Untenstehende geschickt,
worin auch der wichtige Einsatz der klein-klein-aktion 2005-06
genannt wird und auch meine eigene Einschätzung wegen den
politischen Hintergründe der Kampagne wiederholt wird.

Rolf M. Le Monde and BBC diseased with "bird flu" again

At my homepage I've added today, under "News with brief comments":

Friday, 06 July 2007 (NWBC 274) Le Monde and BBC diseased with
"bird flu" again

2007-07-06, 01:45 GMT:

Yesterday, there was a story in the French newspaper Le Monde
and in the British BBC about three swans in Moselle in France
which "had been found to be infected with the bird flu virus
H5N1" and thus "constituted a renewed threat of a bird flu
pandemic among humans".


This was a ridiculously inaccurate story, trying to revive the
quite big "bird flu" scare campaign by many reactionary media
and politicians here in Europe and elsewhere of late 2005 and
early 2006. That scare campaign had as its object to terrorize
people and to make them accept the plans, by several reactio-
nary governments, of mass vaccinations "against bird flu",
which would have had no positive effects whatsoever but would
only have maimed and killed many, since all vaccines contain
dangerous poisons - the aluminium hydroxide in them is even
more dangerous than the mercury - and none of them does any

Terrorizing ordinary people and killing many of them too, that
precisely was the aim of the politicians and the media in this
campaign of theirs a year ago too. It was a political cam-
paign, directed against the people in many countries since
they more and more actively are opposing the reactionary po-
licies, in many fields, by the ruling class, the bourgeoisie.

The three swans in France in reality were not "infected by
H5N1", since, you see, there is no such virus at all. The
"virus H5N1" is an invention, originally by that military-run
institution of the US imperialists' the EIS (Epidemic Intel-
ligence Service), a kind of "CIA in the field of medicine" -
and agents educated by it are those who in the main are run-
ning the WHO (World "Health" Organization) too.


It was the EIS that organized the invention of the likewise
imaginary "HIV" back in 1984 too - still today, none of the
reactionary mass media never breathes as much as a word about
that "very dangerous virus'" perhaps not existing at all, a
fact which, nevertheless, is known to rather many people
today, because of a few non-corrupted scientists and because
of the Internet.

The truth about the "bird flu" - its not being caused by any
virus at all but by poisonings etc due to bad methods in
poultry raising in some large chicken and hen farms in several
countries, and there not even existing any "H5N1", was ex-
posed, a year ago, above all by a small group of people in
Germany, the "klein-klein-aktion". By the klein-klein-verlag,
there was published, not least, in March 2006, the important
book by Stefan Lanka, Hans-Ulrich Niemitz, Veronika Widmer and
Karl Krafeld: "Die Vogelgrippe - Der Krieg der USA gegen die
Menschheit" ("The Bird Flu - The War of the USA against Huma-
nity"), with whose very title the authors scored a bull's eye
politically too, since what was going on precisely was such a
war by the government of the USA and its helpers.


You can also say that the entire ruling imperialist bourgeoi-
sie and that social system in the world which they are con-
tinuing to uphold is diseased, which is why such sick,
seemingly mad, campaigns of theirs as the one about "con-
tagious bird flu", the one against nuclear energy, the one -
very big today - about "harmful manmade global warming due to
the use of oil, natural gas and coal" (all of them modern or
relatively modern energy sources), etc, etc, have been l
aunched and still are going on today. (On these themes, se
articles listed under various sbjects in the "Subjects in
postings" section of my homepage, and also under relevant
headings in my "Links" section.)

Something still quite unknown to many people - because the
ruling reactionary cliques have been lying about this to
everybody for decades and decades - is the fact that there
are not even any diseasecausing viruses at all. (And the same
goes for bacteria. In contrast to certain small groups of
humans - those who today still rule this planet - practically
all types of bacteria are really quite nice, friendly and
useful to [most] people, but have been vilified by a massive
propaganda even worse than, say, that against [actual] com-

On this I recommend again some writings by the "klein-klein-
aktion" people in Germany, in part translated into English
last year in my "UNITE! Infos" #251en, #252en, #256en and
#266en, and referred to again in a leaflet by me on
01.05.2007 which I've reproduced in English as Info #277en,
"On quackery warfare (1)".

In particular, on viruses in general, there is an excellent
article, easy to read for non-specialists too, by the viro-
logist Stefan Lanka from 01.03.2006, "Gibt es und kann es
krankmachende Viren geben?", which you can find in the origi-
nal German here, in English in my Info #256en or separately,
likewise at my homepage, here, as "Are there and can there be
diseasecausing viruses?", and now also in Italian, in my re-
'cent "UNITEVI! Info #256it" or separately at my homepage
here, as "Esistono virus patogeni?".


Everybody absolutely should avoid being scared by "H5N1" or by
"HIV", since these are just some sick inventions by a sick
group of people in the world - and avoid all "HIV tests" too,
since these are likewise a complete fraud, producing "posi-
tive" or "negative" "results" quite arbitrarliy, as pointed
out already in my Info #277en, for instance.

There are some good reasons, of course, to be a little afraid
of those sick people who still today rule this planet. This is
another matter, for which there is a cure too, since long re-
commended by those "doctors" whose advice, I hold, should
absolutely be listened to: Karl Marx, Vladimir Ilich Lenin and
Mao Zedong. (See writings of theirs in that excellent Internet
archive, "MIA".)


At any rate, nobody should get exited over those three pur-
portedly "H5N1-infected" swans in France; it's just the people
of Le Monde, BBC and some others who are somewhat diseased.
Their attempt to revive the "bird flu" scare of yesteryear
should not succeed and most probably will not succeed either.


Message posted by:
Rolf Martens
Malmö, Sweden
Phone and fax:
+46 - 40 - 124832;
Thema: Lanka-Artikel zu Viren 01.03.2006 auf Italienisch
Rolf M.

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RE: Lanka-Artikel zu Viren 01.03.2006 auf Italienisch 05.07.2007 11:40 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

Einige Sprachfehler beseitigt

In den Zeilen auf Italienisch, die ich gestern zur Übersetzung des Artikels (von Stefan Lanka, 01.03.2006: "Gibt es und kann es krankmachende Viren geben?") zugefügt habe, gab es einige

Auf meiner Seite mit der Übersetzung gesondert, Adresse:,

nur dies, daß es nicht "Traduzione del'tedesco" sondern "Traduzione dal tedesco" heißen soll.

In meinem "UNITEVI! Info #256it" (siehe "index", 04.07.2007), mit der Übersetzung als einem Teil, schon einige mehr, einschließlich im Titel, der jetzt lautet:

"Un'altro strumento contro la bufala dell'"influenza aviaria".

Rolf M.
Thema: Lanka-Artikel zu Viren 01.03.2006 auf Italienisch
Rolf M.

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Lanka-Artikel zu Viren 01.03.2006 auf Italienisch 04.07.2007 18:21 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

Hallo Leute,

Eine solche Übersetzung, also vom Artikel "Gibt es und kann es krankmachende Viren geben?", gibt es jetzt in meinem "UNITEVI! Info #256it: Un'altro strumento contro la truffa 'influenza aviaria'" von heute, 04.07.2007:

Die Übersetzung ist anonym (nicht von mir; von mir ist nur die ziemilich lange Vorbemerkung auf Englisch aus dem Info #256en vom 11.04.2006, die ich jetzt wiederhole); sie kann von jedem - insbesondere natürlich gerne von klein-klein-Leute - verwendet und wiedergegeben werden, ohne Quellenangabe, oder, falls man will, mit Angabe von meiner homepage, Ich habe sie kaum überprüfen können, glaube aber, daß sie ganz zufriedstellend ist.

Seperat gibt es die italienische Übersetzung auf:

Rolf M.
Thema: Was mit Malaria/DDT?
Rolf M.

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Was mit Malaria/DDT? 29.03.2007 16:28 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

[Dies schicke ich an das faktor-L-Forum und an das GNM-Forum und versuche, es an Agenda Leben zu schicken, obwohl ich da ich ein technisches Problem mit dem Absenden gehabt habe, und weiter mit Mail an eine mir bekannten Adresse von Stefan Lanka.]

Hallo Leute,

Seit einigen Jahren greife ich in meinen Internet-Publikationen (und jetzt auf meiner Homepage, die ich seit 2005 habe) das Verbot gegen DDT an, das international grossenteils seit etwa 1970 besteht.

Unter anderen Steven Milloy, auf, hat, mit anscheined guten Kenntlisse, dises Verbot als unberechtigt kritisiert, und auf jeden Fall, wie es scheint, die Argumente dafür von Rachel Carson, in ihrem bekannten Buch "Silent Spring" (1962) widerlegt.

Es hat mir so erschienen, daß die US-Regierung und andere mit ihrem DDT-Verbot Massenmord gegen Afrikaner usw. beabischtigten.

Vor Kurzem habe ich aber gesehen, daß Stefan Lanka in einem seiner Artikel Malaria als ebenfalls ein unzulässiges Krankheitskonstrukt bezeichnet, von derselben Sorte wie "AIDS", "Syphilis" usw.

Also gar nicht etwas tatsächlich Gefährliches, das von einem Parasiten, der von gewissen Mücken verbreitet wird, verursacht ist?

Daß Bakterien oder Viren keine Krankheiten verursachen, das weiß ich bereits.

Aber also auch kein solcher Parasit?

Es wäre gut, falls jemand - z.B. Stefan Lanka selber - einen gründlich aufklärenden Artikel darüber schreiben könnte, mit Beweis davon, wie sich diese Sache verhält.

Sie ist ja international sehr wichtig.

Sicherlich ist dieses Thema auch kompliziert, aber auch gerade deswegen wäre ein solcher Artikel sehr zu begrüssen.

Jim West schreibt auch auf seiner Seite,

""Recently I found the time to review your polio website.' The work is great -- and of the greatest importance.' -- Stefan Lanka, Ph.D. [Molecular Biology]"

Jim West argumentiert u.a. dafür, daß Polio gar nicht von einem Virus verursacht ist. Darin hat er offensichtlich recht. Aber er bringt auch eine Argumentation dafür, daß Polio durch DDT-Verwendung verursacht werden sollte, eine Argumentation, die mir als nicht stichhaltig erscheint, denn sie besteht nur aus einer Statistik über Poliofälle bzw. DDT-Verwendung in verschiedenen Jahren.

Hat Stefan Lanka mit dem Zitierten auch diesen Teil der Seite von Jim West gemeint?

Auf meiner Homepage habe ich auch einen Link an die Seite "Africa Fighting Malaria",, die seit Langem DDT-Verwendung befürwortet.

Von einem der führenden Leute in dieser Organisation, Roger Bate, schrieb aber jemand, er sei ein Schurke, und beim Nachgucken in Artikel von ihm fand ich, daß das stimmt.

Auch Steven Milloy is meiner Ansicht nach nicht unbedingt zu trauen, was Medizin-Dinge betrifft, denn zwar schreibt er gut z.B. gegen den jezt so "populären" "Treibhaus"-Schwindel, befürwortet aber auch Impfen, was ja auch ein volksfeindlicher Schwindel ist.

Vor einigen Monaten hat auch die WHO (also in Wirklichkeit die US-Regierung) ihren Standpunkt bezüglich DDT geändert, und befürwortet jetzt eine gewisse Verwendung von DDT.

Ich kann jetzt nicht durchblicken, was die Absichten von den
verschiedenen hier genannten Leute eigentlich sind.

Roger Bate, z.B., mit seiner so schön genannten "Africa Fighting Malaria", ist er in Wirklichkeit darauf hinaus, Geld zu verdienen mit Produktion und Verbreitung eines schädlichen Stoffs, DDT?

Bis Weiterem werde ich nicht diejenige Befürwortung von DDT beenden, die es bereits auf meiner Homepage gibt, habe sie aber in der letzten Zeit auch nicht ausdrücklich wiederholt, und habe den Verdacht, ich befürworte hier etwas Falsches.

Einen Beweis dafür, daß es in Wirklichkeit keine Krankheit Malaria gibt und daß deswegen DDT-Verwebdung nur schadet, würde ich selbstverständlich möglichst breit weiterverbreiten.

Rolf M.
Thema: Eine Bitte aus Mexico bez. "HIV"
Rolf M.

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Eine Bitte aus Mexico bez. "HIV" 28.02.2007 08:47 Forum: Austausch von Informationen und Dateien

Hallo Leute,

José H. Guzmán aus Mexico City hat mir soeben ein Mail geschickt, in dem er Leute hier in Europa bittet, Mails an das Autonome Unversität in Guadalajara, Mexico, zu schicken mit unseren Standpunkte bezüglich "HIV" und "AIDS", als Beiträge zur Aufklärung dort.

Dies insbesondere deshalb, weil für 6-7 März dort ein Kongress mit dem, wie er schreibt, berüchtigten Robert Gallo eingeplant ist.

Ich meinerseits habe vor, so ein Mail zu schicken. Ich bin der Ansicht, daß Stefan Lanka und Ryke Geerd Hamer diejenigen sind, die die Tatsachen diesbezûglich am Besten kennen und recht haben. Das geht z.B. aus einem Kommentar von mir in "News with brief comments", item
244 (21.02.2007), "On the 'HIV'/'AIDS' hoax: The case of
boxing champ Tommy Morrison", hervor, auf meiner Homepage:

Ich habe bereits José auf die Websites in Spanish hingewiesen, die man auf der Adresse
angezeigt findet - insbesondere auf den Artikel von Dr. Hamer.

Sicherlich möchten auch andere hier Unterstützungsmails an Mexico schicken. Ich gebe das Mail von José unten wieder.

Rolf M.
Malmö, Schweden


From: H. Guzmán <>
To: Rolf Martens <>
Date: Wed, 28 February 2007, 07:20 CET
Subject: "HIV/AIDS in the America"

Dear friend,

Regrettably in my country, Mexico, where there are 185,000 diagnosed as VIH+ this population's great majority it suffers of poverty and for the lack of a good academic preparation, and for painful that is I should also recognize that in many aspects like the medicine we are a colony of the United States of America, so our more prestigious educational centers (with honorable exceptions) alone they diffuse the North American interpretation with regard to the AIDS.

As example of this situation the Autonomous University of Guadalajara
sponsored a Congress to which you/they have called 'VIH/SIDA in the America' next days 7 and 8 of March where the guest of honor will be the infamous Roberto Gallo. I stop my part as well as some friends have sent notes to the university authorities to differ of this event.

And it is for this reason that now I want to request you trusting your
generosity of which am witness, because you have never stopped to answer a mail that if the situation that before have narrated it indignates you you please send to the University of Guadalajara a note where you express your point of view and also invite other friends in Europe to that you/they make the same thing. Remitting the notes to: /


Dra. María Guadalupe Marcano Plasencia

Regular professor of Infectología Ability of Medicine of the Autonomous
University of Guadalajara.

Dr. Isidro Zavala Trujillo

Boss Division of Medicine and Boss of the Department of Infectología
Hospital" Dr. Ángel Leaño" Autonomous University of Guadalajara.

Surely in any way the congress was carried out, but at least they will know that there is who doesn't approve it.

I thank you, receives an affectionate greeting.

José H. Guzmán.

Mexico City.

Pd. Thank you for your mail of February 22.

Thema: Referat auf Englisch vom Lanka-Interview 18.11
Rolf M.

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Referat auf Englisch vom Lanka-Interview 18.11 09.12.2006 18:57 Forum: Die Vogelgrippe

Hallo Leute,

Das Untenstehende wollte ich am 26.11 an das Forum schicken, fand aber, daß ich mich nochmals registrieren mußte - und an Jürgen F. meinen Namen und Adresse schicken. Nach dem daß ich das gemacht habe, kommt dies jetzt später (wurde am 26.11 auch an das Forum L-Faktor geschickt.)

Ich habe heute (also 26.11) auf meiner Homepage einen Artikel "More by Stefan Lanka on 'bird flu'", mit einem kurzen Referat vom FAKTuell-interview am 18.11 und einige kommentare von mir,

Der Artikel wurde auch an verschiedene Newsgroups und Brieflisten geschickt.

Ich weise im Artikel u.a. daraufhin, daß die Informationskampagne der klein-klein-aktion offensichtlich auch international eine beträchltiche positive Einwirkung gehabt hat.

Sicherlich har sie ganz wesentlich dazu beigetragen, daß die Vogelgrippe-Machenschaften auf jeden Fall gebremst worden sind - obwohl die Bedrohung besteht. Sie sollte unbedingt auch international unterstützt und womöglich erweitert werden.

Es ist sehr zu begrüssen, daß, wie ich gesehen habe, das Buch "L-Faktor" auch auf Englisch herausgegeben worden ist und daß ja die klein-klein-aktion nunmehr auch eine Website auf Englisch hat.

Übrigens ist das bekannte Interwiew mit Stefan Lanka vom 27.10.2005 ins Englische übersetzt worden in nicht weniger als vier Versionen.

Die von mir (22.02.2006) war die erste - in meinem Info #251en und auch gesondert auf meiner Homepage, und ausserdem z.B. auf der Impfen-Seite "Whale-to",

Weiter die von Suzanne Brix und James McCumiskey überarbeitete Version von meiner Ursprunglichen, auf der klein-klein-aktion-Seite, und es gibt auch eine von Friederike Beck, auf der Homepage von David Icke,

und weiter diejenige von Carola Kern, auf die auf der FAKTuell-Seite mit dem Interview vor kurzem hingwiesen wird.

Ziemlich viele Leute also, die sich für deutsch-englicshe Übersetzungen interessieren und sicherlich noch weitere solche machen können. Es wäre sehr gut, falls noch weitere klein-klein-Artikel auch auf Englisch (usw.) erscheinen würden.

Meinerseits habe ich bereits seit Längerem auf meiner Homepage auch eine Englisch-Version des Artikels von Stefan Lanka vom 01.03.2006, "Gibt es und kann es krankmachende Viren geben?":

Sie könnte meinentwegen sehr gerne von der klein-klein-aktion übernommen werden, evtl. mit Überarbeitung.

Rolf Martens
Malmö, Schweden
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