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Rolf M. Rolf M. ist männlich

Dabei seit: 26.11.2006
Beiträge: 13
Herkunft: Schweden

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Hallo Leute,

Zum Versuch am 05.07 von Le Monde und BBC, die Vogelgrippekampagne wieder aufzuwärmen, habe in gestern an
Newsgroups, Brieflisten usw. das Untenstehende geschickt,
worin auch der wichtige Einsatz der klein-klein-aktion 2005-06
genannt wird und auch meine eigene Einschätzung wegen den
politischen Hintergründe der Kampagne wiederholt wird.

Rolf M. Le Monde and BBC diseased with "bird flu" again

At my homepage I've added today, under "News with brief comments":

Friday, 06 July 2007 (NWBC 274) Le Monde and BBC diseased with
"bird flu" again

2007-07-06, 01:45 GMT:

Yesterday, there was a story in the French newspaper Le Monde
and in the British BBC about three swans in Moselle in France
which "had been found to be infected with the bird flu virus
H5N1" and thus "constituted a renewed threat of a bird flu
pandemic among humans".


This was a ridiculously inaccurate story, trying to revive the
quite big "bird flu" scare campaign by many reactionary media
and politicians here in Europe and elsewhere of late 2005 and
early 2006. That scare campaign had as its object to terrorize
people and to make them accept the plans, by several reactio-
nary governments, of mass vaccinations "against bird flu",
which would have had no positive effects whatsoever but would
only have maimed and killed many, since all vaccines contain
dangerous poisons - the aluminium hydroxide in them is even
more dangerous than the mercury - and none of them does any

Terrorizing ordinary people and killing many of them too, that
precisely was the aim of the politicians and the media in this
campaign of theirs a year ago too. It was a political cam-
paign, directed against the people in many countries since
they more and more actively are opposing the reactionary po-
licies, in many fields, by the ruling class, the bourgeoisie.

The three swans in France in reality were not "infected by
H5N1", since, you see, there is no such virus at all. The
"virus H5N1" is an invention, originally by that military-run
institution of the US imperialists' the EIS (Epidemic Intel-
ligence Service), a kind of "CIA in the field of medicine" -
and agents educated by it are those who in the main are run-
ning the WHO (World "Health" Organization) too.


It was the EIS that organized the invention of the likewise
imaginary "HIV" back in 1984 too - still today, none of the
reactionary mass media never breathes as much as a word about
that "very dangerous virus'" perhaps not existing at all, a
fact which, nevertheless, is known to rather many people
today, because of a few non-corrupted scientists and because
of the Internet.

The truth about the "bird flu" - its not being caused by any
virus at all but by poisonings etc due to bad methods in
poultry raising in some large chicken and hen farms in several
countries, and there not even existing any "H5N1", was ex-
posed, a year ago, above all by a small group of people in
Germany, the "klein-klein-aktion". By the klein-klein-verlag,
there was published, not least, in March 2006, the important
book by Stefan Lanka, Hans-Ulrich Niemitz, Veronika Widmer and
Karl Krafeld: "Die Vogelgrippe - Der Krieg der USA gegen die
Menschheit" ("The Bird Flu - The War of the USA against Huma-
nity"), with whose very title the authors scored a bull's eye
politically too, since what was going on precisely was such a
war by the government of the USA and its helpers.


You can also say that the entire ruling imperialist bourgeoi-
sie and that social system in the world which they are con-
tinuing to uphold is diseased, which is why such sick,
seemingly mad, campaigns of theirs as the one about "con-
tagious bird flu", the one against nuclear energy, the one -
very big today - about "harmful manmade global warming due to
the use of oil, natural gas and coal" (all of them modern or
relatively modern energy sources), etc, etc, have been l
aunched and still are going on today. (On these themes, se
articles listed under various sbjects in the "Subjects in
postings" section of my homepage, and also under relevant
headings in my "Links" section.)

Something still quite unknown to many people - because the
ruling reactionary cliques have been lying about this to
everybody for decades and decades - is the fact that there
are not even any diseasecausing viruses at all. (And the same
goes for bacteria. In contrast to certain small groups of
humans - those who today still rule this planet - practically
all types of bacteria are really quite nice, friendly and
useful to [most] people, but have been vilified by a massive
propaganda even worse than, say, that against [actual] com-

On this I recommend again some writings by the "klein-klein-
aktion" people in Germany, in part translated into English
last year in my "UNITE! Infos" #251en, #252en, #256en and
#266en, and referred to again in a leaflet by me on
01.05.2007 which I've reproduced in English as Info #277en,
"On quackery warfare (1)".

In particular, on viruses in general, there is an excellent
article, easy to read for non-specialists too, by the viro-
logist Stefan Lanka from 01.03.2006, "Gibt es und kann es
krankmachende Viren geben?", which you can find in the origi-
nal German here, in English in my Info #256en or separately,
likewise at my homepage, here, as "Are there and can there be
diseasecausing viruses?", and now also in Italian, in my re-
'cent "UNITEVI! Info #256it" or separately at my homepage
here, as "Esistono virus patogeni?".


Everybody absolutely should avoid being scared by "H5N1" or by
"HIV", since these are just some sick inventions by a sick
group of people in the world - and avoid all "HIV tests" too,
since these are likewise a complete fraud, producing "posi-
tive" or "negative" "results" quite arbitrarliy, as pointed
out already in my Info #277en, for instance.

There are some good reasons, of course, to be a little afraid
of those sick people who still today rule this planet. This is
another matter, for which there is a cure too, since long re-
commended by those "doctors" whose advice, I hold, should
absolutely be listened to: Karl Marx, Vladimir Ilich Lenin and
Mao Zedong. (See writings of theirs in that excellent Internet
archive, "MIA".)


At any rate, nobody should get exited over those three pur-
portedly "H5N1-infected" swans in France; it's just the people
of Le Monde, BBC and some others who are somewhat diseased.
Their attempt to revive the "bird flu" scare of yesteryear
should not succeed and most probably will not succeed either.


Message posted by:
Rolf Martens
Malmö, Sweden
Phone and fax:
+46 - 40 - 124832;
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